Monday, 26 October 2015

Lummox 4 Available

Front cover of Lummox #4; mix media painting by Patti Sulivan
A simply beautiful book--thank you so much. – Lyn Lifshin

Thank you for your beautiful LUMMOX Number Four.  I’m honored to be a part of your gorgeous anthology! – Maura Cavell

Congratulations on this wonderful publication. – Diane Klammer

Beautiful issue, RD, just beautiful!  Proud to be in it. – Ellaraine Lockie

I began reading for this issue in April of this year. The reading period lasted for two months. While I was reading for the issue I was also reading for the Poetry Contest, narrowing down which poems would be in contention. Also, while this was going on I was soliciting articles and working on the interviews, because all these components had to be set in motion so that the book would be ready to come out in August (though it did spill out into September to some degree).

As you can see by these comments, this issue is appreciated by its fans (I hope that you will become one too).

Lummox #4 contains at least168 poems (one poem per poet, with exceptions for the winner and two runner’s up and the interviewees); 3 interview subjects (Ron Alexander, from Santa Barbara, an AIDs activist and Psychologist; Scott Wannberg, in heaven, a uniquely gifted poet; and Philip Levine, 18th U.S. Poet Laureate…this is an excerpt from an interview conducted by Grace Cavalieri); 1 review by Nancy Shiffrin of Thelma Reyna’s book Rising, Falling, All of Us and a gaggle of short reviews by Raindog (17 in all); essays on Dave Church by his son, Jon Church, the daunting Canadian Poem by James Deahl, our far-north correspondent, a psychological mapping of poetry by Diane Klammer, an observation of creativity in Downey, CA by Frank Kearns, and thoughts on the making of art by painter, Norman Olson, and RD wraps things up in his View From Down Here.

It’s 224 pages in an 8 X 10 inch package of all things poetic! It’s yours for $25 USA and $34 WORLD. You can order it direct from Lummox (PREFERRED) or from Amazon. If you like the books I publish, then you’re gonna want to get a copy of this book! If you like what the poetry underground is putting out, then you NEED this book! If you have favorite poets from the Small Press, chances are they’re in this book!

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RD Armstrong for the Lummox

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