Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Collection of Friends by Tom Sheehan

A Collection of Friends offers nostalgia and impressions that give loving tribute to people who have passed through the life of author Tom Sheehan. He illuminates his own time from his Depression-era childhood to manhood, describing, with astonishing clarity, a deep and abiding respect for his Grandfather

Johnny Igoe, who instilled in him the writing muse. Sheehan also tells of the heartbreaking sacrifices made by comrades in war and peace, and infuses this entire book with warm memories of his beloved hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts.

The prolific Tom Sheehan, author of
Vigilantes East and The Westering, is a 28-time nominee for the
Pushcart Prize for short story excellence. His tales and poems appear by the hundreds on the World Wide Web.


Tom Sheehan dissects the life of everyman, for in peace and war and all the trauma and joy in between, he has known everyman. He masters the details of memory, in sight, sound, smell and feel, so that memory becomes memorable. He is

Dos Passos reincarnated. The man touches our hearts and drives a story into our souls, as if it were an old Buick Roadmaster.

-Alan Lupo (RIP), columnist, Boston Globe

A Collection of Friends

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