Thursday, 8 November 2012

TCE’s Chapter & Verse Issue

A message from Eve Hanninen, Editor-in-Chief - The Centrifugal Eye

TCE’s Chapter & Verse issue (Autumn 2012  — once imagined to come out in September) has taken its rightful place in the digital world after a “purposeful delay” (to quote review contributor Brenda Levy Tate).  We’re totally excited about the special project we put together for this issue, which includes a Featured Folio of 4 poets’ mini-chapbooks, plus mini-interviews from each author.  As a bonus, TCE is offering each of the 4 mini-chaps as a free .pdf eBook download, directly from our website.  Visit  and click on the “Mini-Chapbooks” tab in the navigation bar.  (Downloads do not include interviews, so make sure to read the folio feature in our new issue!)    

And that’s not all — there are 13 more poets featured in this packed issue, 3 collection reviews, and an essay, too.  (Our essay columnist, Erik Richardson, returns with his new column, Into the Labyrinth, with our Winter/Holiday issue.) 

The print version of the new Chapter & Verse issue should be available for purchase around the 16th of November.  Hopefully, a pdf eBook version of the issue will be available around that time, as well; now requires publishers to format pdfs into eBooks instead of simple downloads, so it’s more work for us to provide them for sale.  Check back at TCE’s homesite for link updates, or wait for our announcement. 

Get to reading those e-chaps, folks!  They’re sizzlin’ bytes!

Eve Anthony Hanninen

The Centrifugal Eye

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