Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Important Updates

I have added a new theme in the 2013 schedule, thus postponing the planned themes for the next eighteen months. Here it is:

mgv2_72 | 04_13: When the Moist Meets the Hard - Erotic Artwork and Literature (February 2013)
mgv2_73 | 07_13: Sometimes You're Nothing but Meat (May 2013)
mgv2_74 | 10_13: Otherworldly Mammals (August 2013)
mgv2_75 | 01_14: They (November 2013)
mgv2_76 | 04_14: Visual & Asemic Writing (March 2014)

May I also remind you that mgv2>pulishing released the first volume of X & Friends, starting with Amber Decker and five awesome poets as co-contributors, plus a foreword by Rick Lupert, Poetry Super Highway editor and a wonderful and talented poet, plus a cover art by Nuff Said aka Jeff Crouch.
This book is available to read through and and to buy from

Also next month, a new poetry collection will be published: Alphabet City by Anon Ymous. An update will be posted when the book is published.

Don't forget the 71st issue, coming out in January: mgv2_71 | 01_13 Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. Stay tuned!

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