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One or two places still available on each of Poetry Kit's online poetry courses starting in May. see


This course in writing poetry takes the participant through some of the basic processes of writing poetry in, what we hope they will find, an entertaining and interesting way. We hope to help them develop good practise and a structured approach to writing.  This is achieved through a series of set exercises and critique sessions, backed up with notes and feedback.  The purpose of the course is to allow the participant to build their skills of observation and develop clarity of language and expression while at the same time allowing their individual voice and technique to develop.   

1 Poems general introduction, styles and types.
2 How to read poetry
3 Images in poetry
4 Writing poetry
5 Using a notebook recording snapshots.
6 Poetry from art
7 Revising a poem
8 Using figurative language 

Poetry Part 1

The course looks at a variety of styles and forms of poetry which will allow the participant to build a sound knowledge of some of the technical terms
while utilising them in a practical and interesting way.   The course includes elements relating to preparing and submitting poems for publication,  reading poems, revising poetry and editing.

1 Poetic structure
2 Analysis of poetry
3 Nature poetry
4 Transparency
5 Writing poetry 
6 Images
7 Forms and structure
8 Forms
9 Further forms / marets
10 Getting published

Poetry Part 2

This is a high grade course and makes assumptions that the participant will already have a wide experience of poetic techniques, the features looked at on the course are looked at from an advanced point of view -- roughly equivalent of a third year University module.  The Basically the course follows the following session structure.  Each session consists of a number of parts.

1 Analysis of poetry
2 Use of images
3 Poetry about the natural world
4 Free verse
5 Voice
6 Lineation
7 Poems from art and found objects
8 Avent garde
9 Critiquing poetry
10 Completion

Although these indicate a general content and direction of each course, courses are flexible and may change in order to better meet the needs of each individual student  Each unit may consist of a number of parts and some units take longer to complete than others. 


A course for poets who are aready widly published and who are looking to broaden experience.  One to one mentoring over an extended period.  Please apply for details, giving a brief assessment of your writing careeer to date.  

All enquiries to  

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