Sunday, 29 January 2017

mgv2_87 La petite mort 01_17

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Illustrations by: Flora-Michèle Marin, Caravaggio, Cecilia Beaux, Luemmel, LookCatalog, and anonymous

Shawn Aveningo Sanders: Ecstatic Death, The Gift

Stéphane Bernard: Bailler, Lance

Robert Beveridge: Downpour

Alexandra Bouge: prose

Roisín Browne: Morning Kiss

Michael Coolen: Blowing All Reason Out of Mind

Alain Crozier: poèmes

Will Daunt: Mooring

Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi: Lovers, Meek

Alexis Rhone Fancher: La Petite Mort, Something I Want

Jack Grady: Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys, Lust of the Bones

Deborah Guzzi: The Denial of Eve

Lynn Hoffman: Wet Thoughts, Your Cock

François Ibanez: L’Araignée, Le baiser, Entre les lignes, Malédiction

Rose Knapp: Blind Séance Sears, Poly Positivist Syllogism, Simple Syntax Structura Nightshade

David W. Landrum: The Ecstasy of Santa Teresa

Patrice Maltaverne: poèmes

Philippe Nadouce: Latitudes, Atmosphères

James B. Nicola: The Mind of the Beholder, Help

Dragoş Niculescu: The Inner Wind

Crystal Mazur Ockenfuss: Those dreams, Walt Whitman watching

Suzanne Rancourt: Mish’ala, Caput Mortuum, Curves of Grace

Randel McCraw Helms: On First Discovering the Little Death, The Bridegroom Calls for Songs of Love, Song, Thirty Ways to Pass the Time with the One, You Love Best

Olivier Robert: Onanisme d’ombre

J.J. Steinfeld: The Oldest Profession Revisited, In the Greyest Part of the Afternoon, Existence Is a Hoax, a Woman in Fishnet, Stockings Told Me When I Was Twenty, The Kafka Lovers, She's Nearly Naked, You're Fully Dressed, La Petite Mort Sounds So Sexy, Existential

J. Lee Strickland: The Nail

John Tavares: Sibling Rivalry

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