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mgv2_86 | Proletarian Literature | 10_16

mgv2_86 | Proletarian Literature | 10_16
edited by Walter Ruhlmann & Jan Bardeau
© mgversion2>datura & contributors, October 2016
with the work of Jan Bardeau, Christopher Barnes, Roisin Browne, Jack Grady, Deborah Debbie Guzzi, Strider Marcus Jones, Perrin Langda, Donal Mahoney, Karla Linn Merrifield, Stephenson Muret, James B. Nicola, Mark Sashine, O' Neill Peter, Norman J. Olson, Collin Piprell, Steve Slavin, J.J. Steinfeld, and Mercedes Webb-Pullman

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Contents | Sommaire

Illustrations by: Roy Brockman, Kanthipol, J.M. Lopez

Jan Bardeau: Prose
Christopher Barnes: Five Byron Slang Poems
Roisin Browne: On Anaconda Road
Jack Grady: Louise, the Red She-Wolf of Montmartre -- Louise, la louve rouge de Montmartre translated by the author
Deborah Guzzi: The Process
Strider Marcus Jones: The Samaritan Machine, Submissive in Sub-Human Herds, Boots of Harley
Perrin Langda: Punk à chatte
Donal Mahoney: Back Then and Write Now
Karla Linn Merrifield: Work, The Poet at Rainbow’s End, Enslavement by Commandment
Stephenson Muret: Revolt of the Zoo Animals
James B. Nicola: The Test, Fitchburg
Mark Sashine: У СТЕНЫ -- With My Son At The Wall Of Communards At Père La Chaise Cemetery
translated into English by Hal O’Leary
Peter O’Neill: And Here is this Morning's Poetry
Collin Piprell: Hot Enough to Kill
Steve Slavin: Don’t Know Much about the French I Took
J.J. Steinfeld: Not Like Soil and Water and Air, Nametags, Chasing Someone Else's Messiah, In the Opposite Direction
Mercedes Webb-Pullman: Antoly Moskvin's girls at tea, Noelene, Robyn Shirley, You kids help your father with the firewood

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