Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Perceptions A poetry collection by Gary Beck

For Immediate Release

Perceptions is a poetry collection that challenges many of our attitudes and values, showing us many of our concerns that grow more troubled in these difficult times.

Disasters of our time come into immediate focus as they occur. We are shown again and again the catastrophic events of the day. It is the lingering effects that are seen from different viewpoints, and produce a sometimes volatile perception of our world. Gary Beck’s ability to capture events seen from unusual angles is on shining display in this brilliant new collection from the author of Dawn in Cities and Songs of a Clerk.

I knew ‘Hard Times’ was a beauty when I read it and the national editorial board unanimously voted it in – The Rockford Review

All of these pieces hit hard - Heavy Hands Ink

Great Poems - Atlantean Publishing

Perceptions is a  page poetry volume. Available in paperback with a retail price of $11.99, and eBook with a retail price of $4.99. ISBN: Published through Winter Goose Publishing and available now through all major retailers. For more information or to request a review copy, contact Winter Goose Publishing at info@wintergoosepublishing.

Perceptions poem video:

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