Sunday, 10 April 2016

mgv2_84 | Cats, Cows, Crows/ Veaux vaches, cochons... | 04_16

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Photographs: Flora Michèle Marin and Carl Wycoff

Alan Corkish: Death of a Magpie – Sefton Park 16th August 2004

Colin Daris: The Crows and the Gravestones and Feline Comparison

Bruce Louis Dodson: Crows

Mitchell Grabois: Crows

A.J. Huffman: A Double Moo Haiku, Of Moon and The Random Crow as Skeptic

Erich von Neff: Pigs and Slaughterhouse Ballet

James B. Nicola: Two Friends in a Cornfield, The Changing of the Birds, Wire-Haunting
On Langley & Whitby, and Engraving

Peter O'Neill: Two Years from 50

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal: Frank, Burger, Chop, & Steak and Tender an Apology, I Say

Tom Sheehan: The Congo Kid Comes Home (or the Sailor Goes Horseback)

J.J. Steinfeld: A World Without Peevish Dogs, the Laughing Cat Imagined

Lucien Suel: Six carrés de veau

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