Sunday, 3 January 2016

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Bill Abbot Withdrawals
Gary Beck Web Life, Learning Process
Dorsaf Garbaa/Peter O'Neill Ma féminité ce soir/My Feminity, Tonight
Cathy Garcia Flash, Tears and Despair, Loin du compte
Gilles Grangier Gloss pour lèvres baveuses
François Ibanez A l'autre bout de la toile, Harmoniques sombres, L'amère vertu de la fin
Roger Leatherwood The View From Eight
Karla Linn Merrifield When in April We Tune In, Academy-Award Performance, Wish List
Margaret O'Driscoll I Just Googled A Name
Neil Slevin WhatWentWrong
J.J. Steinfeld Surreal Musings, Existential Texting
John Sweet on the first morning of his life as a mortal

Book review: Imene Bennani Here is the Desert by Dom Gabrielli
Publicité: mgv2>publishing 2015 titles: And Agamemnon Dead – The Dark Pool – A Few Bullets Short of Home – Documentaire Humain – Poem Without a Title

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