Saturday, 18 October 2014

mgv2_78 | Ubu | 10_14

Cover art Totem 10 Gates of Desire by James Mahan

Inside illustrations Alexandra Bouge, LWO + Lafleur & James Mahan

Ubu Emperor A one-act play by Olivia Arieti

Poetry by Glen Armstrong "Requiem for Alfred Jarry", Christophe Bregaint, Howie Good "The Decline of the West " and "The Shores of Tripoli", Mathias Jansson "The Poetics of King Ubu", Steve F. Klepetar "Ubu Returns From the Dead" and "Saint Ubu Reads from the Book of Light", and J.J. Steinfeld "For Reasons Surreal and Absurd" and "Furtive Yet Fascinating"

Fiction by Alain Lasverne "La part du pauvre", Arthur Levine "The Grocer", and Peter O'Neill "Place Dauphine"

An interview with Klaus J. Gerken
Paintings by Klaus J. Gerken and an excerpt from Poem without a Title, section 4

Announcing the latest release of La peau by Alexandra Bouge, published by mgv2>publishing. Foreword and excerpts.

Book reviews: Sharon Tate and the Daughters of Joy by David Herrle, True North by Amber
Decker, and The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre by Marie Lecrivain

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