Monday, 10 February 2014

mgv2_76 Submissions Now Welcome

Slinky White Army Shorts by Walter Ruhlmann
The memory of calligrammes by Apollinaire to the mind-boggling post-literate craft by skilled authors and artists, mgv2_76 will be opened to all sorts of work I labelled autocratically visual poetry and asemic writing.
Many contributors -- the one-issue-stands or regular ones -- published such work in mgversion2>datura in the past.
One special issue comes to my mind: Mauvaise graine 22, May 1998, George Le Milan's Silice à la menthe (Silica with Mint)
So please, send me your best visual poems and asemic writing, avant-garde, post-literate, bent towards the edgy, appealing, awesome, curious, anything in-between and beyond, between now and the 28th of this month at mgversion2datura at gmail dot com

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