Saturday, 5 October 2013

mgv2_74 | Otherworldly Mammals - Mammifères d'outre monde | 10_13

mgv2_74 cover by Claudio Parentela

As the next issue will be uploaded next weekend and available for ordering from, let me introduce you to them.

They is the theme for the January issue of mgversion2>datura: mgv2_75 | They/Ils | 01_14.

While the reading period won't start before November 1, 2013, I have to admit that inspiration never come in a haste and that this peculiar issue will ask potential contributors to have at least a two-month- contemplation time before submitting anything. Anything sent outside the reading period (November 1-31) will be discarded. This also applies to usual contributors.

I am going to be picky as I have never been because I will ask for the very best, the most inventive and amazing writing only.

Who are they?

mgv2_75 | They | 01_14
subjects: unknown
photographer: unknown
date: unknown
place: unknown

send you submissions to
mgversion2datura [at] gmail [dot] com
between November 1-31
Anything sent outside this window will be discarded!

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