Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Centrifugal Eye New Spring/Summer Issue 2013

TCE’s Punchline First: Communicating Styles issue (Spring/Summer 2013) is now available online.  This fat issue is filled with insight, humor, and a whole lotta ways of communicating.

Join 18 of our poets in the communications ring for a lively round-robin interview about — you got it — communicating!  And you’ll be charmed, moved, and amused by the poetic works of 20 contributing poets.  You’ll also enjoy our punchy poetry reviews and essay column.

If you’ve been following our publication, you’ll probably notice we have a new look;  that’s because Punchline First kicks off our annual redesign with a colorful emerald drumroll.  We hope you love it as much as we do.

The print-version edition of the new Punchline First issue should be available for purchase around the 20th of July (when our next submissions reading period opens for the Postcardese issue).  A pdf eBook version of the issue will be available soon after.  Check back at TCE’s homesite for link updates, or wait for our announcement.

from Eve Anthony Haninnen editor in chief of TCE

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