Saturday, 25 May 2013

mgv2_73 | 07_13 Sometimes You're Nothing but Meat: Submissions Start Today

Cover photograph by Liquou

"When chickens get a taste of your meat girl

When he sucks you deep
Sometimes you're nothing but meat"

"Blood Roses", Boys for Pele, Tori Amos, 1996

Submissions are now opened for mgv2_73 | 07_13
Sometimes You're Nothing but Meat.
Send your work to
between May 1 and 31

Up to five poems and two stories/non-fiction.
No more than five artwork. Only submit once. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but please notify me if your work is accepted by another publisher. You may also send previously published work as long as you provide the full publishing background for this work.

Go ahead! Send your best bloody, fleshy, tender work.

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