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DM ~ Weltkrieg 
is a mosaic of war stories, high fantasy, bitter reminiscences, and macabre nightmares from twenty eight international authors. This indelible collection will take you from the beaches of Saipan to the woods of Prussia, from Gaza and St. Petersburg to the fading memories of those left behind, from mythological Greece to the real-world horrors of a surgeon's table. Here, dirty bombs mix with desert warfare to craft a montage of mankind's darkest handiwork wrought in the enchantment of fiction and music of poetry. No lover of the coloratura can dare miss this dreadnought anthology, brought to you by Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine.

According to Homer, Antiope slept with Zeus and from their encounter bore two sons, Amphion and Zethus, who are the subject of Euripides play Antiope, of which only fragments now remain. ANTIOPE is Peter O' Neill's first short collection of 28 poems, the first part of a greater work in 4 parts called The Dark Pool. Like the nineteenth century French Symbolists who have so clearly influenced him, O'Neill's skill at blending both pagan and Christian mythological motifs gives this singular collection a most distinctive and decisively modern Irish voice that daringly disturbs old gender and stylistic models while making the mundane seem epic - and putting the sublime within our reach.

Sparse and oracular, David Appelbaum's lapidary verses alternate between precise imagery and linguistic inventiveness, illuminating the shared situation of poets and philosophers. His collection VESPERS reveals how humanness is both physical and metaphysical, finite and infinite. Straddling both the classical and contemporary worlds, each poem in VESPERS resonates on the cosmic scale while drawing strength from our own intimate, human experiences. We are taken on a journey along paths familiar yet seemingly fresh and untrammeled. These poems create a magic lantern of meaning that flashes around us and helps us find our way in the dark.

What are the consequences of an American tourist stealing a jawbone from a tomb in a Parisian cemetery? Or a husband and wife employing a house sitter as bait for the entity that has been terrorizing their home? Or a Bel Air housewife swallowing a worm-like import from Africa with the intention of losing weight? Enter the macabrely karmic world of FRAGMENTS OF A JOURNAL SALVAGED FROM A CHARRED HOUSE IN GERMANY, 1816.

"Brilliant, quirky, ironic, and scary...reading David Massengill's short story collection FRAGMENTS is like watching a Twilight Zone marathon. Like a masterful story-teller, He weaves weaves a series of haunting tales that will keep readers mesmerized - and unnerved." – Kevin O'Brien (Terrified, Disturbed, Vicious

"The genius of a David Massengill short story lies not simply in its taut narrative, its bizarre and disturbing elements, its cracking pace, or its dark humor – rather, it lies in an insistence that the protagonist is complicit in his own demise, even if only through a fleeting thought or a careless action. FRAGMENTS will keep you reading story after fascinating, riveting, blood-curdling story." – Garth Stein (The Art of Racing in the Rain, Raven Stole the Moon)

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