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Poetry Kit Newsletter January 2013


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Poetry Kit Newsletter – January 2013 
New Edition of Caught in the Net 114


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the cartographer / Heswall poetry sequences by Jim Bennett published by Indigo Dreams, see




This year’s recipient of the Ted Slade Award is Johnathon Clifford. Jim Bennett of Poetry Kit said "For many years Johnathon has been at the forefront of exposing publishers who have been trying to scam poets. Over years there have been publishers who have tried to get money from poets to see their work published by giving them unrealistic expectations as to the worth of their poetry or its possible market potential. Johnathon has exposed many of the bad practrices that were prevalent and offered advice and help to many poets over a long period of time. We are pleased that he is now a recipient of the Ted Slade Award as Ted was always keen to highlight bad publishing practices and Poetry Kit still carries advice from Johnathon intended for poets seeking publication."
Johnathon said; “Whatever do I say? Only that I am delighted and honoured to say 'Yes' to having my work over the years recognised by such a prestigious award.” Johnathon Clifford

Poetry Kit Online Poetry Courses

New courses starting the second and fourth Monday of January and February

We currently offer three online, computer based, distance learning courses, suitable for the beginner, intermediate or more experienced writer. Although the details for the courses below indicate a general content and direction of each course, courses are flexible and may change in order to better meet the needs of each individual student Each unit may consist of a number of parts and some units take longer to complete than others.

For details of fees and enrolment please goto

Poetry Foundation   (start January or February 2 places available)

Poetry 1  (start January or February 1 place available on each course)

Poetry 2   (start Late January 1 places available, February 2 places available)

For a more complete listing of courses and availability please see


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