Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Centrifugal Eye Autumn Issue

Dear TCE Readers and Contributors,

 Our Autumn 2012 issue C Chapter & Verse C is now available in its collector=s‑edition, print format.  Also available, C&V may be downloaded in the pdf eBook format via  (Unlike our last issue’s eBook [Jabberwocky], the current and future TCeBooks will no longer require DRM.)

 Chapter & Verse is jam-packed with the extra pages of our 4-part Featured Folio on Mini-Chapbooks!  As usual, expect full-color and a glossy, perfect-bound cover from our printing partner, Lulu Publishing.  This extra-special, print‑on‑demand issue costs $26.75.  Visit our website=s homepage ( for links and information, or Visit Lulu directly:

 A link for the eBook ($5.75) is available at our site, as well, and also in this email:

  2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 print (and most digital) back issues are also available through TCE’s Lulu storefront:

We thank you for your support in all the forms they take.

Best wishes,

from Eve Hanninen, Editor‑in‑Chief,

and the TCE Staff.

The Centrifugal Eye

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