Friday, 2 November 2012

New Book by M. V. Montgomery What We Did With old Moons

What We Did With Old Moons
by M.V. Montgomery

Book Description:

There is a whole generation of kids out there raised on teenage wizards and supernatural thrillers who, quite naturally, have come to think of literature as something inherently magical.  When it comes to poetry, they are often disappointed.  From their perspective, the basic problem with the contemporary work they are encouraged by teachers and professors to like isn’t simply that it is too mature, too academic, too baldly confessional or dryly clinical—the more fundamental issue is that it isn’t even fictional.   In this regard, M.V. Montgomery’s new book What We Did With Old Moons is a wonderful exception.  In the playful spirit of Calvino or Saint-Exupéry, it spins myths out of ancient rituals and urban legends, made-up monsters and divinities, familiar and alien worlds.  It is a funny and entertaining collection that will remind readers what they once expected from and loved about poetry.


“Whimsical, never heavy-handed, yet still showing a great depth of emotion, Montgomery’s collection is a wonderful catalog of longing, brimming with histories—both real and imagined—that will enchant until the very end.”
—Robert James Russell, author of Sea of Trees

“M.V. Montgomery’s poems are funny, contemporary, and clever.”
—Philip Vermaas, Editor Misfits’ Miscellany

“If F. Scott Fitzgerald hadn’t sometimes bored me to tears, his name would have been M.V. Montgomery.”
—Cole Knight, Editor Circus of the Damned

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