Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Madhatters' Review Issue 13 - Tribute to Carol Novack

The Carol Novack Tribute Issue – ¡Viva la Revolución! 

This newest issue of Mad Hatters’ Review is dedicated to the memory of our tempestuous founder, Carol Novack, and features over 100 writers, poets, film-makers, artists, musicians and genre-benders all vying for complete and utter lunacy.

As you’ve come to expect from us, styles and approaches vary wildly: from the agnostically eclectic to the godly lyrical. Our creators are emergent, emerged or imminent, yet they all hold the one thing in common: they are constantly reinventing themselves in their pursuit of something greater than the word, the color or the tone—in pursuit of the deeper unknown.

This issue’s special section is Carol Novak’s Traveling Circus, which aside from a medley of performing creatures from Carol’s mythical memoirs, Giraffes in Hiding, also showcases a great number of pieces written for Carol by her friends and fellow artistes. And, you’ll be pleased to know, after digging below the waterline—in the bottom of Carol’s garden beyond the moles and the earthworms—we managed to unearth oracle bone inscriptions carbon-dated as early as transcendentally lunatic writing can get. There’s also a potpourri of Carol’s newer works that only just now get to see the light of day.

Good art is, of course, badly paid, so we appreciate all donations in the name of Mad Hat Inc: Always non-profit, always tax-deductible, and always with great thanks. Please donate here.

For those of you who happen to be in Asheville, North Carolina this coming weekend (Friday May 4 & Saturday May 5), do get out your silver-tipped canes and top hats:

On the 4th, make sure not to miss the 5:00-7:00 pm reception at Altamont Theater at 18 Church Street honoring Carol Novack. Refreshments will be provided.

On the 5th at 1:00-2:00 pm is the Carol Novack Tribute Reading, also at the Altamont Theater, featuring the wildly talented poet and author, Terese Svoboda.

For more details and complete schedule, see the Asheville Wordfest website here.

You may even come across a MadHat editor or two skulking in a corner.

Now, rustle out your forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks or fingers and dig in, folks!

Drumroll please, for:

Carol Novack ~ Wilton Azevedo ~ BacBacLove ~ CamillE Bacos ~ Manoj Baviskar ~ James Belflower ~ Stefanie Bennett ~ Ann Bogle ~ Doug Bond ~ Tom Bradley ~ Lee Ann Brown ~ Amy Marie Bucciferro ~ Orin Buck ~ Andrei Codrescu ~ CAConrad ~ Robert Calabrese ~ Robin Carstensen ~ David Chirot ~ Walter Cummins ~ Greg Dember ~ Jean Detheux ~ Dewanatron ~ Kim Farleigh ~ Raymond Farr ~ Nancy Flynn ~ Hugh Fox ~ Vernon Frazer ~ Kirk Glaser ~ Daniel Grandbois ~ Rich Haber ~ Ernst Halter ~ Jefferson Hansen ~ Daniel Harris ~ Shirley Harshenin ~ j/j hastain ~ Martin Heavisides ~ Leigh Herrick ~ Laura Hinton ~ Webber Holley ~ Lori Horvitz ~ Jason Irwin ~ Rich Ives ~ Kirsten Kaschock ~ Mary Kasimor ~ Jukka-Pekka Kervinen ~ Hansoo Kim ~ Zachary Kluckman ~ Annette Labedzki ~ Dolly Lemke ~ Gregory Lenczycki ~ Bobbi Lurie ~ Michael Main ~ Steve Mass ~ Laura McCullough ~ Scott McFarland ~ Don C Meyer ~ Ben Rush Miller ~ M V Montgomery ~ Raphael Moser ~ Robert Mueller ~ Sierra Nelson ~ Cedar Lorca Nordbye ~ Traci O'Connor ~ Abel Ortiz-Acosta ~ Luca Penne ~ Austin Publicover ~ Dan Raphael ~ Lori Romero ~ Alison Ross ~ Hilary Schaper ~ Susan Scutti ~ Larissa Shmailo ~ Jeffrey Side ~ Lysette Simmons ~ Jürgen Smit ~ Katherine Soniat ~ Marcus Speh ~ Melissa Stern ~ Terese Svoboda ~ George Szirtes ~ Gene Tanta ~ Lynne Thompson ~ Paul Toth ~ Hugh Tribbey ~ Steve Tune ~ Robin Vaughn-Williams ~ Marc Vincenz ~ Allegra Wakest ~ Margaret Walther ~ Sarah Walker ~ Christine Wilks ~ John Moore Williams ~ Renee Witherwax ~ Michael Wolman ~ Bill Yarrow ~ Paul Yates ~ Changming Yuan

…and of course, without question, Zubek the Siberian giraffe in hiding.

Wishing you transcendental days, soulful nights and everything else you may require to satisfy your creative cravings.


—The Mad Hatters’ Review Editorial Team

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