Friday, 25 May 2012

D-Day 68th Anniversary Commemoration

As a native of Normandy, the D-Day has always had great importance in my life. The day the allies invaded Normandy to fight back the Nazi. My parents lived this event as they were only children and told me a lot about it. The Memorial for Peace in Caen and many other places in Normandy show how this happened.
A 68th anniversary is not a special anniversary except that we will start to see less and less veterans attending the celebrations as years go by. Inspired by fellow editors such as Rick Lupert with his Yom Hashoah Remembrance Day, I would like to launch a likewise event to commemorate the 6th of June and the Battle of Normandy.
So, here is an opportunity for you to submit poetry, prose, photographs, artwork, essays, anything you would like to share with mgversion2>datura' s readers.
What I intend to do with your submission is to publish an ebook which would also be available as a hard cover through
I am trying this for the first time and have no idea whether this will inspire any one out there, but hey! Let's give this event a chance.


Poems: 2-4 poems
Fiction- Non-Fiction: 1-2 pieces no more than 3,000 words
Art: 2-3 pieces .jpg
Other: query first
Send your submissions to with D-Day Commemoration in the subject line. Deadline June 5, 0.00 GMT Send submissions in the body of an email Previously published work is accepted with a publishing background and full rights granted. THERE WILL BE NO MONETARY PAYMENT FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT BUT EACH CONTRIBUTOR WILL RECEIVE A DIGITAL COPY OF THE BOOK WHEN IT IS PUBLISHED.

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