Thursday, 17 May 2012

Big Bridge 16 Out

Table of Contents

Feature Chapbook
bridge work, by Andrei Codrescu, with illustrations by Nancy Victoria Davis
Poems, Songs, and Children's Books: A Robert Priest Retrospective
Excerpts from the Philip Whalen Journals
Photos and excerpts from Tom Hibbard's 2011 Wisconsin Protest Journals

Poetry Slam Guatemala Magazine, Golden Edition

30 POETS, guest-edited by Bonny Finberg and dedicated to Akilah Oliver, includes poems by Jim Harrison, Alice Notley, Patricia Spears Jones, Lynn Crawford, Ron Kolm, Louise Landes Levi, Jennifer K. Dick, Steve Dalachinsky Karen Margolis, Yuko Otomo and others
Big Tree Poem Feature, guest-edited by Thomas Devaney, featuring George Evans, Allison Cobb, Bob Arnold, Joan Larkin, Jonathan Skinner, Paul Kane, Hoa Nguyen, Katy Lederer, Peter Larkin, Bob Holman, Elaine Terranova, Kevin Varrone, Iain Haley Pollock, Sparrow, Nathaniel Otting and others
Cuyahoga Burning, guest-edited by Jonathan Penton and dedicated to Nobius Black, includes current Ohio-related fiction, poetry, and criticism by folks like Marie Kazalia, Cheryl A. Townsend, John Dorsey and others
The 15th Anniversary Fiction Feature, guest-edited by Ellen Geist, multifaceted stories orchestrated around four themes by authors such as Ishmael Reed, Carole Maso, Faye Moskowitz, Jeff Friedman, Brinda Charry, Howard Schwartz, and many others
Neo-Surrealism and the Politics of The Marvelous, guest-edited by Adam Cornford, with contributions by Sandra Simonds, Michael Leong, Ivan Argüelles, Will Alexander, Eric Baus, Charles Borkhuis, Rebecca Hazelton, Andrew Joron, Lina Ramona Vitkauskas, John Yau, and others

A Contemporary Anthology of Japanese Poetry, guest-edited by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, with poems from Tanaka Atsusuke, Yoko Danno, Sekiguchi Ryoko, Torii Shozo, Goro Takano and others
A Contemporary Anthology of Moroccan Poets, guest-edited by El Habib Louai, with poems by Boujema El Aoufi, Abdellatif Al Ouarari, Idriss Allouch, Mubarak Ouassat, Najat Zoubair, Ikram Abdi and others
Selections from Stet, poems by Jose Kozer translated by Mark Weiss
Dreams—The—Underlinears, poems by Ilya Kutik translated by Lyn Hejinian and Jean Day
A Tribute to Andrey Voznesensky (1933-2010) translation by Alex Cigale and Dana Golin
Still Life with Snow, Dato Barbakadze selected translations by Lyn Coffin and Nato Alhazishvili with Introduction by Sam Hamill
Elvana Zaimi translations of Agron Tufa
Seven poems by Georgi Ivanov translated by Yelena Dubrovin
Tiziana Colusso translated from the Italian by Brenda Porster
Iranian poet Rira Abassi translated by Maryam Ala Amjadi and M. Alexandrian

More poems from j/j hastain, Dale Smith, Michael Basinski, Arpine Grenier, Lakey Comess, Nicolas Ekerson, Martin Willits, Lee Herrick, Larissa Shmailo, Nicholas Karavatos, Larry Sawyer, John Roche, Jerry McGuire, Joel Chace, Jeff Side, Peter Ramon, Christine Hamm, and Yahia Lababidi

More fiction from Camille Meyer, Jessica Chace, HC Hsu, Tina Cabrera, Kate Axelrod, Ryan Jones, John Hennessy and Ron Singer

More Essays by Desmond Peeples, Akhilesh Kumar Dwivedi, Neeli Cherkovski and Lucille Lang Day

Reviews of David Madgalene, Harris Schiff, Art Beck, Paul Pines, A. Di Michele and Amy Trussell, Lewis MacAdams, Micah Ballard, David Meltzer, F. A. Nettlebeck, Bernadette Mayer, Lisa Vihos, Jennifer C. Wolfe, Michael Hogan, Eric Hoffman, and Kirpal Gordon

And Visual Art by Jonathan Kane, Jim Spitzer, Julius Keleras, Shawne Major, Eleanor Leonne Bennett and Henrik Aeshna

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